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    I’ll immediately make a reservation that I am writing here, since the “work” section is clearly tailored for Russian users.

    So fate decreed that I work in the aviation and tourism industry. Namely, at Galileo . For those who are not in the know, I’ll briefly say what GDS ( Global Distribution Systems ) is, which we are.

    In fact, GDS are the very programs that travel agency employees open when you ask them to sell a ticket somewhere or book a hotel. Oddly enough, but still 99% of users use terminal programs in their daily work to access our resources. Those. "Black screen - green letters." And believe me, they use it quite actively. The central repository, which is located in Atlanta, USA, constantly processes about 2500 requests per second. These requests are sometimes quite complicated.

    For many, it’s a great revelation that you cannot always get 10 passengers on the same plane who paid the same amount of money for a flight. In fact, airlines set many different fares for each flight. Each tariff can have more than 100 rules for its application. These rules may relate to the time of stay, combination with other tariffs, conditions for returns and exchanges, and much, much more. In order to maximize profitability and not lose passengers, airlines from time to time open and close all these tariffs.

    So here. We help travel agencies to deal with all this business. Especially when the flight consists of 5-6 points and you need to calculate all the rules, various options for connections, etc.
    But this is the topic of a separate topic. If anyone is interested - I can expand the topic.
    Today is not about that.

    All this content is available from a large number of programs (only in our company more than 50 products). This includes hundreds of thousands of hotels and hundreds of thousands of air offers and car rentals and more. It is often difficult for a travel agency to understand all payment methods, terms of use, connectivity, etc. For this reason, a conscious desire arose to combine all this into a single instrument as simple and elegant as possible.

    It's no secret that many projects are divided into 2 big problems: “no customers”, “no content”. We are not afraid of either the first or the second. Content, as you understand, is simply an immense multitude. The only question is how to process, aggregate and provide it.

    Regarding users. I can say that every travel agency in Ukraine (where our representative office is located), at the legislative level, is simply obliged to use our solutions in its work. So, as they say, “the bite will be such that the client will forget about everything in the world” (c) (-:

    All types of data are accessed using SOAP. So, it remains only to wrap it all up in a coherent logic and provide it in the form of pretty webdanol, valid pages. I'd like to tie “sociality” to this, but this is only at the level of ideas.

    So I appeal to everyone who complains that they say “crisis”, “no work”, etc. If you want to become part of this project, get professional training in the intricacies of the tour. business and indeed work in a cozy young team, then you are welcome in PM / in comments.

    The prospective applicant must possess the complex of knowledge necessary for working on Internet projects. On a habr I think it will be silly and ridiculous to list specific requirements (-:

    It is supposed to program everything using open standards and technologies. I can’t give any specifics, since the choice of all technologies and development methods will be made by the development team itself.

    From myself, I can only promise a very decent permanent salary, serious equipment, training and a friendly team. It is supposed to work on an ongoing basis in an office in Kiev.

    So, we are waiting for your resume% USER_NAME%!

    • Jobs are only in Kiev
    • Work is supposed not one-time, but permanent. They don’t just leave aviation. (-:

    My e-mail: oleksiy (at)

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