Safari & mouse gestures

    Many of us know / love to use mouse gestures in browsers. Opera fans will say, “Ha! We had it from time immemorial, "Firefox lovers have access to such extensions as FireGestures or All-in-One Gestures , for Chrome there are chromegestures .
    But what about those who prefer Safari?
    For this there is a wonderful program XGestures. I want to talk about her.

    Now I have a Mac as a desktop, and gradually I still switched from my favorite FF to Safari. You can argue for a long time about which browser is better or worse, but I do not want to incite a holivar, because this is not about that.
    So here. In search of a way to screw mouse gestures to safari, I came across a wonderful program xGestures. This small program is placed as a panel in the system settings, after which it becomes possible to use mouse gestures in the operating system. Yes, yes, I was not mistaken, mouse gestures are precisely at the level of the entire OS, that is, each program can register its gestures. The program contains a number of settings, such as: when to perform gestures, when to start, a section for setting gestures for specific applications, as well as a section for global gestures that apply to all applications.
    Here are some screenshots: Basically, gestures are attached to hot keys. For example, in order to close the Safari tab, you need to attach the gesture to keystroke's execution: cmd + w. Thanks to this, you can attach gestures for certain actions to any application that has hot keys. I also made several gestures for Finder and Preview. Very comfortably. In conclusion, I would like to add the following: Despite the fact that the program is quite old (the latest release is 1.73 from November 2007), it works fine both in 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard. The program is paid, the price is $ 5. Official site: Perhaps someone did not know / did not hear about this program and for someone this article will be interesting.

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