BBZ.RU - my personal “startup” about breaks music

    imageSomething I never wrote anywhere about my project BBZ.RU - a portal about breaks music, and yet he is already almost 5 years old. The thing is that for me the project was never a startup, it was a hobby that started with the fact that I liked the music in the style of breaks, breakbeat. At that time, somehow there were no resources in Runet where it was possible to find something interesting and relevant on this topic.

    Now the project has turned, as I was recently told, into a social network where Russian-speaking and not only breakers hang out, joint club events are regularly held.

    Once, a well-known foreign musician Elite Force came to the forum and dispersed our whole brotherhood with unflattering words about Russia and piracy. The discussion was also raised on several foreign thematic sites. I had to urgently remove all links to illegal content from the site, introduce new rules and communicate with all participants in the discussion on all sites, convincing them that Russia is not so bad as they think. The problem was solved, authority was restored.

    Initially, the site was quite simple and typical: news, a description of releases, a section with music and a forum. No interactivity. I found something interesting and shared it on the site. Historically, the engine on the site was CMS NetCat. The forum has always stood phpbb. I still did not have enough strength, or rather to find the time and desire to combine the user base and the registration / authorization system of these systems.

    Over time, a community formed on the forum. There was a skeleton of people who constantly and actively commented on something, discussed music among themselves and shared it. Battles were held when 2 musicians record each mix and put it up for universal suffrage, over the course of a month that decides who won. Later, projects appeared: a weekly or monthly DJ releases some kind of thematic mix. At the moment, the most popular project is Morning Coffee - mixes in the style of progressive breaks, in which 29 releases have already been released, in which famous foreign DJs have participated (I especially liked release 29 from BETA).

    The first design was my personal one =) After what I saw, one designer suggested drawing something normal. So the second version appeared. About a year and a half ago, a redesign was again proposed, but this time also with a change of concept, because it became clear that all life on the site occurs only on the forum. It was decided to involve users in the creation of project content.

    Since the project was and is a hobby, the implementation of the third version was delayed for six months. I was always the one doing and doing the site. I never paid much attention to the technical component of the project; for me, functionality was more important.

    I will say right away that the expectations did not come true a bit. I couldn’t translate the communication from the forum to the site. All for one simple reason: the phpbb forum has a long history of development and is crammed with all sorts of functionality that is very convenient to work with. To organize such functionality for communication on the site itself, it requires a lot of effort, programming, time. Of course, overpowering one person is quite difficult.

    So, what do we have at a melon moment. In order to avoid unnecessary spam, unauthorized users can only watch. They can’t produce any voting, adding materials to the site. After registration, any of your actions on the site will bring you a rating (points). The higher your rating, the more popular and reputable you are on BBZ.RU. The three most productive users are honorably located on the cover page of the site above. (unfortunately, the moment of "popularity" is still underdeveloped and not yet developed into such, for example, a good system, as on a hub with its ratings, karma, invites and others).

    On the first day of each month, automatically according to the results of voting for the past month and activity, Mix and Person of the month are determined. They can always be seen on the cover page.

    What can be added:

    What other options are there:
    • Messaging.
    • To make friends.
    • Participate in ratings.
    • Receive notifications by e-mail about any answers to you, as well as about upcoming events in which you have expressed a desire to participate.

    What to watch out for:
    • Only one and only your own music track can be uploaded. If you want to add a new track to the site, just change the information on the existing one.
    • Links to mixes you add should be relevant.
    • Information about events to be added must be true.

    A couple of years ago, in the era of web 2.0, social networks and other things, the idea was born to make it possible to store users' music materials on the site, especially with regard to user mixes as the most popular content, in second place are user tracks: personal or remixes. It is clear that the implementation of such functionality requires significant costs, so at the moment I have limited my ability to upload 1 music track (user’s creativity) to the profile.

    Now club events are regularly held, for the latter a batch of T-shirts with the symbols of the project was specially made, a photo report on this can be found in the corresponding section “Photos” on the website.

    PS why am I all this? I just want to share what is expensive, to hear criticism, comments. Perhaps someone will be interested in the project in terms of music.

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