MIT level. Is everything really so horrible?

    I came across YouTube on a video. MIT Integration Bee Final Round. Speed ​​Integration Competition in MIT. The final round and such a task. To be honest, I am in a cultural shock. Is it really there?

    And of course we don’t forget that the winner put the modules later, but forgot the ubiquitous constant. Although he also did not put equal signs, and to complain that he equated the family of antiderivatives to one function is impossible. When I looked at it again, I noticed that dx did not appear (both).

    Even in such a simple task so many mistakes were made. And by the fact that they forget dx, the idea suggests that they do not integrate functions containing more than one variable at all. Or maybe this is a fake video? Who studied / studies there, tell me.

    Likely in I would resent the place of such a post, but the UFO does not allow. Thanks!

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