Marasmus when conducting projects

    Definition: "Insanity" - the commission of actions without analysis of their possible consequences.

    One of the lists that I keep and replenish regularly is called “Insanity that I committed while conducting projects.”

    This is a form based on Google.Docs, consisting of 1 question: "what did not check or track?".
    And answer options: “this applies to design, layout, scripts, content, communication with customers, communication with colleagues, more.”

    How it looks can be seen in the screenshots.

    Form for a list of insanities

    Form for lists of senility

    Automatically generated data table

    Summary table

    5 advantages of such a list

    1. the same mistakes cease to be repeated time after time;
    2. there are interesting statistics for introspection: where am I more likely to make mistakes, how often do I usually make them, etc .;
    3. memory and attentiveness to trifles in other areas of life improves, distraction disappears;
    4. there is a pleasure from attentiveness, irritation from perfect mistakes and disappointment from the fact that nothing changes disappears;
    5. On the whole, the desire to learn and develop is growing.

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