Bitter experience with

    It all started with the desire to fasten the ability to pay for services via SMS to your website. I decided to try the SMS service : a bank from SmsCoin.
    I looked at the tariffs for Ukraine and decided to send an SMS to the short number 4443 for the test. The website indicates that the cost of sms is 0.67 UAH without VAT and, accordingly, 0.80 UAH with VAT. I checked the account before sending and after sending sms. And what was my surprise when 1,06UAH was withdrawn from the account !!! My surprise knew no bounds. Although until recently I believed that 80 kopecks should be removed from me. I decided to contact the site support service and clarify the situation. Further excerpts from communication in ICQ: SmsCoin Support (13:13:05 09/08/2009)

    According to our system, UAH 0.8 was removed from you

    vladimir.gorobets (13:13:36 09/08/2009)
    I want to put the SMSbank service on my website and really do not want such misunderstandings with clients of

    vladimir.gorobets in the future (13:23 : 19 9/08/2009)
    just talked with the operator of MTS. They say that they removed 0.83 UAH from me for SMS, which in any case does not correspond to what is written on your

    SmsCoin Support website (13:25:38 09/08/2009)
    The cost on our website is indicated including VAT

    SmsCoin Support (13:26:16 08/08/2009)
    All additional taxes such as the Ukrainian pension fee for each mobile payment are not taken into account

    SmsCoin Support (13:39:24 09/08/2009)
    All prices are indicated on our website in accordance with the laws of the country and the requirements of operators. Therefore, our prices are indicated only based on VAT.

    SmsCoin Support (13:40:33 08/08/2009)
    Ukrainian operators do not require additional information and, as practice has shown, there have not been more than one complaint from subscribers

    vladimir.gorobets (13:45:21 9/08 / 2009)
    I do not mind that the price includes VAT, but this is not the final price for the client. after all, it’s clearly shown to a person before payment that 80 kopecks will be withdrawn from his account, but 83 is actually withdrawn. Actually, this is a hoax because a person pays 3.75% more. Therefore, I say that it may be worthwhile to indicate before payment that a large amount is withdrawn from the account?

    SmsCoin Support (14:01:04 08/08/2009)
    This is not a hoax. We strictly adhere to the instructions dictated to us by mobile operators in Ukraine.

    vladimir.gorobets (14:46:41 08/08/2009) I
    apologize again, so the price of 80 kopecks is without 20% VAT and 7.5% of the Pension tax?

    SmsCoin Support (14:47:24 08/08/2009)
    80 kopecks including VAT

    vladimir.gorobets (14:50:01 08/08/2009)
    but it seems that not including VAT
    they say that without VAT index.php
    and 83 kopecks indicate the price,
    and as a result, 83 kopecks + 20% VAT + 7.5% PF = 1.06 !!! That is how much money was withdrawn from my account !!!

    SmsCoin Support (14:59:49 08/08/2009)
    Please tell me - what is our relationship to this site?

    vladimir.gorobets (15:08:32 08/08/2009) the
    cost of SMS to the short number 4443 in Ukraine for the MTS operator is ONE for all billing and is 83kop WITHOUT VAT AND PAYMENT FEE !!!
    On this site it is at least HONESTLY indicated unlike your site!
    Thank you so much for a good lesson! You can delete my account as I’m not going to continue to use the service on which they are trying to deceive me!

    PS I will try to convey information about this case to the largest possible audience of webmasters and site administrators.

    vladimir.gorobets (15:08:43 08/08/2009)
    good luck

    SmsCoin Support (15:15:57 9/08/2009)
    It is unfortunate that you made such a decision

    After this story, there was no desire to connect with SMS payments.
    I am very glad that I personally decided to check this service and avoided further clashes with visitors to my site. I think this information will be useful to someone.

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