An early build of Android 2.0 Donut is now available, ready to run on G1

Original author: Yoav R., engadget
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The official Android repository has been updated with a whole bunch of things related to Donut, and we can assume that the community of developers has already dedicated a day to work with it. Judging by early reviews, all the features shown on Google I / O this year, one way or another fell into this assembly: universal search, text-to-speech, gesture support (allows users to draw characters on the screen and associate them with certain actions) . In addition, signs of support for the CDMA standard are found in the source code, which is necessary for Sprint and Verison operators, both of which, of course, will have their Android devices anyway. The system also has a cool block of widgets-switches for the home screen, which can be used to control WiFi and Bluetooth.

What is most interesting - the community has concentrated its work on two main things. Firstly, the “Donut” assembly is actively ported to existing devices, for example, the version for G1 (and, accordingly, Android Dev Phone 1) is already available (albeit very, very unstable and unfinished). Secondly, work is underway on extracting the main features of the Donut (new widgets, for example) and adding them to the custom firmware of system 1.5 so that you can take advantage of the new system without losing stability. Although, if you are an adventurous almost crazy owner of G1, you can start your adventures in the world of "Donut" now.

Links to xda-developers: Discussion repository in and port for G1

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