Analysis of traffic sources using Rambler Top100

    Watching where people come to your site from is interesting and fairly easy, but quickly boring. It’s more useful and harder to understand what kind of people are and why they come to your site. Common sense and three reports of the Rambler TOP100 will help to understand this. It’s yours to act.


    The usual report “ External Links ” is a list of sites from which the transition to yours was made, detailing to exact addresses (ie with CGI parameters).

    External links report

    We look at the list, asking ourselves the question: "Who are all these people?"

    We are pleased to note that the fifth part (direct, direct transitions) is our existing audience. We make sure that this indicator does not fall in absolute values.

    We’ll omit transitions from our own projects, we know this audience. Note that twenty-five percent are transitions from internal promotional blocks, which means that they were caught by a good title. A good headline is our everything.

    Referrals from search engines are the ones we need. True, we are not sure of the loyalty of these people. Something in demand we publish. What exactly will see a little later.

    The most desirable users are those who came by recommendations, that is, by links to us from other sites, from mail, etc. Here it is worth counting on greater loyalty and greater trust. Habrahabr,, vkontakte mail, a forum of players on guitars is our "word of mouth". There are not many, but last but not least, this is our future.

    Total : 19% of direct transitions - the most valuable thing we have now is good. 77% - came to our headlines, also good, but we admit that you can’t count on the loyalty of these people. 0.7% - came from search engines, few. We need more such people and we need to work on this. 3.3% - Long Tail , click through, we consider it as recommendations. Good. But I want the tail to be longer. Have you thought about KPI for the editor in chief?

    What for

    A cheap and useful way to understand why people come to your site is to familiarize yourself with the context in which they link to your site. We delve into the External Links report to the full URL, click on the icon , read and think about the editorial policy of our site. "... probably it is necessary to stop with these fuckers and such provocations?".

    Detailing the report on external links

    On the other hand, search queries will help to understand the expectations of readers and compare them with the actual content of the site. Bonus for attention is a sober look at the value of search engines as an audience source. We look at the report " Search Queries " with filtering by search engines.

    Yandex search queries

    Google searches

    In our case, Google “beats” more precisely Yandex: 10 requests from the TOP20 versus 6 exactly fall into the subject of publications. Compare search results, for example, by request "purchases from foreign sites ”, we understand that without a budget for Yandex links we won’t get traffic.

    We think which requests from those that came "by" are relevant for the site and are working on the content. And we’re thinking how to reduce the search visibility of the site for queries that are really “past”. After all, we don’t need just traffic - just a loss of money, anyway.

    Conducted advertising campaigns allow you to get another assessment of the needs of the audience. We put Openstat tags or Google Analytics tags, see the “ Advertising campaigns ” report .

    Campaigns Report

    It's nice to be attractive to sexy fashionistas. We strengthen this direction.

    Total: we make adjustments to the editorial policy, information architecture and website software, focusing on increasing the audience, whose interests are consistent with our goals, and reducing the random audience.


    The described reports are available only to owners of sites registered in the Rambler Top100 .

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