Turn on 5.1 in Pulse Audio

    Recently I was asked at the hub how to enable 5.1 in Pulse Audio. I decided to write a small post instead of an answer, maybe someone else will come in handy, since I myself searched for a long time, though for a long time, maybe now it’s easier with information.

    And turning everything on is easy enough - through the sound settings (in my case, System> Preferences> Sound), we make all programs use Pulse Audio by default, and then edit the Pulse Audio config - sudo gedit (or any other editor) etc / pulse / daemon. conf , We find the line “default-sample-channels”, it will be necessary to uncomment it and set the desired number of channels. Those. for 5.1 it will be 6 , for 7.1 respectively 8. Save, reboot the system and enjoy.

    There are some nuances - on my system, stereo also began to decompose into five channels, and not just stereo in front and behind, but somehow tricky, like CMSS-3d (I have Audigy). I didn’t look for a way to prohibit laying out stereo, it suits me perfectly, but someone may not like it. The second nuance - the program volume control, at least for me, was damaged by the mind, and at full volume the speakers began to hiss and creak. I just set it to 50% of the maximum and everything became normal, for sure there is a more beautiful solution, but I have not looked yet.

    Finally, I would like to ask a counter question - did anyone use a pulse with two sound cards? From non-default only required to play music with any more or less convenient player. I still can’t manage to configure it, only with the help of some terrible crutches - either through winamp in the vine (sic!), Or through audacious using oss output, which is ugly and slows down (using the pulse output plugin it doesn’t work out to output the second one) .

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