QR + Flash

    Continuing the interesting topic of QR codes. Stumbling over the Japanese Internet, I ran into a site that offers the opportunity to use the library to create QR codes.

    Earlier, I provided links to a library written in Java . Moreover, this library is part of the Spark Project , which will also be interesting for flashers using opensource operating time.
    The essence of the library is absolutely trivial and is based on two classes
    • GetQRImage - Recognize QR code from image
    • QRdecode-decodes an image into a string

    PS: As part of a series of articles about the QR code Basic characteristics of the QR , the QR symbolic structure, I received suggestions for help in developing the library for flash, but how it turns out to be smart Japanese manage to do so faster, as well as within the framework of opensource.

    qrcode reader
    Spark project

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