Winner of the summer special episode FPPP

    According to the results of our next contest within the framework of the FPPP , this time dedicated to sound processing, a winner was determined who, thanks to iProLab, will be able to attend a 4-day training course on working with one of the most powerful audio processing tools, Logic Studio, for free.

    So, the winner was the tozx hub user and his topic about order in the media library . Yes, the topic of the topic does not quite correspond to the given topic - “digital sound processing”, but the post was well appreciated by readers, and I see no reason not to give Anton the opportunity to learn how to work professionally with sound.

    The course itself will be held in Moscow from July 23 to 26, and Andrei Dementiev, a renowned specialist in this field, will teach the science of digital sound processing in Logic Audio.

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