I want to become a real programmer

    Where to begin?

    Seriously, I have a specific task and I hope you can tell me how to solve it ... I’m already "tired" of everything with my Client for Google Translate , but I just can’t stop :)

    The product is written in VB6 + API, and the number of The code is already several times higher than the web code. Plus buggy support for Unicode, more precisely, its complete absence - you have to cheat crutches. Plus troubles with visual representation of controls. And there are many more such "advantages", though, we must pay tribute to the speed of development. Let's just say that you can quickly start a project from scratch and check whether it is worth bothering with it at all. In general, for the year 98 it’s normal, and with the API you can turn off the mountains, but 2010 is already on its nose ...

    So, now the task is to make the product for other OS and for other platforms (mobile devices). The product itself is not super complicated, but interacts with other applications (gets text from the selection) and this can be a potential problem when developing versions for other OSs.

    Actually, the question is: what would you do to solve such a problem? Ideally, I would also like to get a portable version of the product (without an installer), so Java (in my opinion) is not suitable. And then, I am drawn to a low level - I can’t calmly look at the megabytes of frameworks around a penny utility ... I am ready (and I have time) to learn new tools from scratch.

    In general, the help help!

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