10 phrases after which your resume will be put aside

    A curious note was published on TechRepublic about what words and phrases are best not to use when writing a resume. The point is not that they are obviously bad, but that they have already become stereotyped and will lead to irritation of any experienced eychar. So, there are 10 standard clichés that have no place in modern resumes:

    * Results-oriented professional (specialist focused on achieving results)
    * Cross-functional teams (there are various specializations)
    * More than [x] years of progressively responsible experience (more, than so many years of experience, in something marked and fixed)
    * Superior (or excellent) communication skills (highest communication abilities)
    * Strong work ethic
    * Met or exceeded expectations (meet or exceed expectations)
    * Proven track record of success (there is a confirmed list of achievements)
    * Works well with all levels of staff (ability to work well with employees at all levels)
    * Team player (I can work in a team)
    * Bottom-line orientation (result oriented)

    As a matter of fact, as the author of this article writes, the employer will not be irritated because of the wording itself, but because these phrases will “hang in the air”, that is, there will be no facts confirming them (that you yourself are who - you think that does not mean at all that it really is; there is a confirmed list of achievements, but by whom they are proved and in accordance with what standards, and where are they in the resume? Under whose expectations do you fit? Write them) and so Further.

    It is interesting how things are in this situation in Russia — for us, much has been adopted according to the Western canons before?

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