QR Java Open Source

    So far, in the CIS, the QR storm is only in full swing, on that edge of the world, in the country of the rising sun, there are developments in this area.

    In my article, I started the story about the QR code. Moreover, I started it from scratch, if you want to understand the variety in a qualitative manner, you need to start from the bottom and go up.
    For those who are impatient and eager to get working examples that are at least somehow, I offer an example on JAVA.
    This development was found in the process of idle reeling on the Japanese Internet, the author also provides his development of the Reed-Solomon code, which may also be interesting to many.
    It is worth noting that they have a lot of interesting resources, but unfortunately my meager knowledge of Japanese is not enough for their detailed study.

    Open Source QR Code Library
    sourceforge.jp (an interesting resource)
    library mirror

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