CoTweet - twitter service for companies

    As promised, I ’m writing about a fairly new and unknown Twitter service for CoTweet companies . The idea to write about him was born after reading this post .


    What is the difference between posting an individual from posting on Twitter an entire company, or even a corporation. Everything is very simple - in the first case, 1 account on Twitter, 1 person who comes up with what to write and writes himself. But what if people from different departments should write in your company, and yet there is only one account. Here CoTweet comes to the rescue.

    The CoTweet service splits the Twitter account into several different accounts on the service. This makes it possible to keep track of who wrote what and when. With a large number of people responsible for updating Twitter, this is irreplaceable. But there is more to come!

    Very nice function of "planning". Suppose you want a certain post to be released at exactly midnight, but there is no Internet connection at this time. What to do? It’s extremely inconvenient to ask someone, but I don’t feel like going and looking for an Internet club. It is at such moments that you understand the whole charm of CoTweet - you plan to post a message for a certain time and with peace of mind you go about your own business.


    But that's not all!
    Suppose you are the head of the technical department. support for some product, which is carried out through Twitter too. You receive a message from a "malicious" user asking him to fix something or help him with something. Well, for the sake of this, do not call an employee from the department with a request to go in and answer ... otherwise, what new technologies and ACS. But here CoTweet thought everything out for us - forward this message to one of your subordinates, who immediately receives a notification in the mail that a message was sent to his name. And you can redirect with any notes you like, for example, “This is our VIP-client. Reply is stock! ”


    In general, the CoTweet service is made to glory and has all the necessary functionality. It should be noted that it is in beta testing, and perhaps new features will appear over time! The design is nice, it works fast (AJAX forever!).

    If you have any other questions - ask! I’ll try to answer everything!

    UPD Unfortunately, you just won’t be able to register. I once came under a stock just. If there is a promotion, you will receive information about it by mail.
    At the moment, I’m clarifying with them how they can give out invites and where to get them at all.
    Yet Beta is she in Africa Beta.
    As soon as I find out something - I will throw it off to everyone who wants it in PM!

    UPD2. At 2 a.m. a letter from CoTweet arrived with an invitation to register and a link to the final registration form. I hope all the other registrants received the same!
    Enjoy! ;)

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