Google gears successfully compiled for Firefox 3.5 under Linux

    Google has not yet posted an update, but svn is already compiling svn, after some dancing and a small patch. I post version- for Linux 64 and 32. and the patch. Checked works on opensuse 11.1 with Fox installed from repositories.

    For x86_64:
    (md5: 6d517d64e8ca4408b2d75572f501c3e1)

    For i386:
    ( : 9da04e7e04ea9bbb41c52f9d3d7b57eb)

    For osX (Thanks to kovpas ):

    How to build:

    For i386:

    1. svn co gears_trunk
    2. Apply the patch
    3. cd gears_trunk / gears
    4. make BROWSER = FF2 ARCH = i386 ; make BROWSER = FF3 ARCH = i386; make BROWSER = FF31 ARCH = i386; ARCH = installers make the i386
    5. In the directory bin-opt, will be cherished xpi

    for x86_64 the same, only the file tools / necessary to remove all references to -m32, simply delete these 3 characters, well, from the point of make write ARCH = x86_64.

    UPD: Many thanks to roTuKa for providing temporary hosting

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