Windows - more than 1000 free legal songs!

    Yesterday, the Windows Social Media Team and Reverb Nation launched the Sponsored Songs program. Now anyone can go to and download over 1000 songs from there for free!

    Sponsored Songs made possible by advertising. Promotional information is displayed while playing the song as a changing album cover. And no sound advertising! I believe that this moment is absolutely not critical, because most of the time we listen to the music itself, and not look at the covers.

    I talked about the only negative - now let's move on to the pros:

    1. A large number of music from a variety of genres and from a variety of artists. A quick look in my favorite Rock category immediately revealed tracks from such famous artists as Underoath, The Answer and Lordi.

    2. The program attracts more and more artists and groups. Who knows, maybe in a month it will be possible to download tracks from the new Placebo or The Black Eyed Peas album.

    3. Music can be downloaded in different formats and in high quality - mp3 (256 kbps) and m4a (152 kbps).

    4. This is a great way to expand your musical horizons. It often happens that among artists unfamiliar to Russia, there are those from whom it is impossible to tear one’s ears off after the first listening. It is possible that among this list there are those who in a year or two will become world stars.

    5. At the moment, it is planned to add 10 songs a week to the collection, which is clearly more than 2-3 free songs in the same iTunes.

    6. Have you just bought a player and you have nothing to listen to on it? Do not defile your purchase with stolen content! Better go to and download completely legal tracks!

    7. I do not know if cooperation with Russian artists is possible, but I think that if you play high-quality music and sing in English, then you should try to get into this program.

    It is worth saying “Thank you!” Windows Social Media Team and Reverb Nation for a great opportunity to enjoy music for free! And right after that go to ;)

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