Linux 32bit and 4GB RAM

    Yesterday I ran into a problem after I delivered an additional 2GB RAM bar to my existing 2GB. The system saw only 3.2 GB, although bios determined all 4 GB.

    The solution to this problem was described on Habr for Win-systems.

    For linux, the solution is much simpler:

    1. If you use Ubuntu Desktop (I don’t know how in other distributions), just install the server core (PAE support is enabled by default there)
      sudo apt-get install linux-server linux-headers-server
    2. Or the second option is to assemble the kernel yourself. During configuration (for example, using the "make menuconfig") in the High Memory Support tab, select 64GB (thereby activating the PAE bit). I will not paint the whole process, since there are so many kernel assembly manuals on the network.

    When PAE mode is on, drivers may sometimes fall off, in many cases on a video card. For many suspend stops working. For some, the kernel generally falls out in the kernel panic (and this was, although I do not think that the reason is precisely in PAE). In general, it’s up to you to choose here - not to sleep at night, but to have support for all 4 GB of RAM, or just to give a damn about those 800 MB.

    You can read more about what PAE is on the wiki.

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