eRepublik is a popular browser-based online game with elements of a social network. Participants have the opportunity to establish companies and organizations, their own newspapers, create political parties, vote in elections, start wars and revolutions, participating in them as soldiers of the regular army. The main element of the game, politics, is revealed as nowhere vividly: here you have the election of the president / parliament / party leaders, the unification of countries into alliances and cunning foreign policy, tax regulation within the country and much more. There are simply no analogues to this “game of politics”.

    Unlike many other browser games, eRepublik is very undemanding in time: it takes at least 5-10 minutes a day, or a few clicks. Despite the seeming simplicity and limited actions, after a while the game shows a second bottom: someone starts playing in the foreign exchange market (a serious player can easily collapse the currency of some Lithuania), someone creates his own production and trading empire, and someone then he’s heading into political games :)

    It is interesting that the developers of the game did not invest a dime in advertising. Players themselves climb out of their way to attract people in their country and, thus, make it stronger. Translation of the game into other languages ​​is also carried out by the players themselves.
    In the game there is a rather sparing system of investing real money - most players don’t invest a cent in the game, and they don’t really break off :)

    The history of eRussia is very interesting. At the dawn of the country's existence, power was seized by the English-speaking communists (!), And then Russia was divided between Novergia and Romania (by the way, until the recent total defeat, Romania was a world empire). Just a few months ago, Russia reappeared on the political map of the world and is slowly regaining its regions. A fierce political struggle is boiling in the country between the two parties, and there are few people. For comparison, in the USA there are 17k players, in Iran, Indonesia, Hungary - more than 10k, and we have 1,500, of which there are less than 500 alive.

    Useful links:
    Game site -
    Forum of the Russian-speaking community -
    Interactive map of the game world - (discovered by WarGot )

    For all questions you can address to UncleDeD (the author of the article who asked me to publish it on Habré).

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    Game card
    Dark blue color indicates the regions of Russia, purple - Indonesia, light green - Hungary. Gray areas are empty, territories not yet introduced into the game.

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