Additional services for the provider - telephony

    Another option to expand the range of services provided by the provider is to provide users with landline phones.

    Survey and technical part
    Classical Telephony

    A PBX is installed at the communication center, for example, the M-200 - a very good combination of price / quality. Next, there are two options for resolving the issue of the last mile - either pull copper telephone cables directly from the node to the subscriber, or arrange the removal of part of the station’s capacity to the place where you have a cluster of subscribers by fiber. From the extension to the subscriber, again pull the telephone copper cables.
    + Greater reliability compared to IP telephony (the phone does not gurgle)
    + The minimum cost of connecting a subscriber.
    - it is not profitable to connect subscribers if they are very scattered geographically (the number of subscribers 2-3 per house makes it unprofitable to build a network to such a house.)
    - significant investments in building a network

    IP telephony - at the access level.

    A PBX is installed on the node that can distribute Ethernet numbers over Ethernet, then options for connecting subscribers are possible - either a SIP gateway to which a regular telephone is connected, or immediately put a SIP telephone with a subscriber directly connected to Ethernet. There are still originals that offer subscribers a software Sip phone.
    + no need to build your own copper telephone networks to each house
    + you can connect subscribers selectively anywhere on an existing Ethernet network
    + low investment in building a network, so the last mile falls on your existing network.
    - a fairly high cost of connecting a subscriber (gateway, sip phone)
    - low quality compared to traditional telephony.
    - biased negative attitude of subscribers to IP telephony.

    Legal Overview

    What do you need to start providing services?
    1) Obtain a license for local telephone services (issue price 15000r + 300r state duty, plus a notary public, plus consulting services if you can’t fill out an application yourself)
    2) Get a number resource in Rossvyaz that you will sell to subscribers. (Question price 10r - for 1 phone number.)
    3) It will be determined where you will connect to the public telephone network (to find the operator who will connect you) - the issue price is from 7000 rubles for 1 - E1 (This connection width is enough for 200-300 subscribers)
    4) Solve question with SORM. (from 0 to .... It depends on as to arrange with PBS)
    5) Make project (from 50000r)
    6) Complete project examination (typically 30% of the project)
    7) Get a permit for operation (from 0 to ... It all depends on your abilities)

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