Retro cars from abroad. Is it real?

    Good time.
    This is my first topic in a year and a half of staying here, I hope it will find its response among users. ☺

    I would like to discuss such a thing as buying a retro car and driving it to our homeland. I researched many markets and came to the conclusion that ebay is one of the best and reliable sources in this area.
    A lot of people are worried about who they are buying from, and ebay makes it possible to look at the user's rating.
    Let's look at an example ...
    Let’s say, for a very long time I want to buy a sky- blue Cadillac Eldorado . I immediately run on ebay and agree on the delivery of only the bodyin Russia. Then I pay 30 percent of the cost of the car according to the documents (this is somewhere around $ 2) for customs clearance and I run to a service center with a license so that they put an engine on my body that suits me.
    Reefs come up: TCP, all sorts of registrations and firms that want money. I call my car “Guzelka” with an elegant movement of my hand and handle, and I design it precisely as “Guzelka,” not Cadillac Eldorado.
    Tell me, everything that I wrote above is generally possible?

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