15 Second Pool Water Tester - Accurate with Pools


    Do you want to swim in the pool, but are embarrassed to ask how there is some water? One moment - a special water analyzer Pool Water Tester in 15 seconds will analyze the composition of the water. It is enough to wet the test strip and feed it to the device, after that the gadget will determine the amount of free chlorine, the level of acidity, alkalinity and give a recommendation.

    If the concentration of harmful substances (well, you know what substances there are in the pools) exceeds the maximum permissible concentration, the indignant numbers will all be shown on the display. By the way, you can use the analyzer not only in the pools, but also in the seas, rivers, ponds and houses in the bath.

    The toy works on two AA batteries, weighs 232 grams and is sold here for $ 70.

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