Overview of the very compact HD-video flash camera JAY-tech VideoShot HD6 (traffic)

    On the eve of summer vacation, and due to the breakdown of the VHS-> DVD Harvar Converter, I was puzzled by the purchase of a video camera.
    The requirements are the simplest - at least 720p (this is progressive scan, 720 lines), the storage medium is flash, low weight and low price.

    Of course, I would like to have some 1080p camera from Canon for self-satisfaction, but it costs quite a lot of money, and you can not take it to the beach. I googled, offline, the cheapest I found was a camera from the Samsung FX-30, but it wasn’t clear whether it was capable of 720p and it cost about 7500 rubles. Okay, I thought. Let’s wait, I’ll think about it. And one day at lunch, my colleague comes running and says literally the following:

    - In ***** a 720p flash camcorder for 1800 rubles!
    - # @ $ @! What are you doing?

    I decided to check, I ran to the store determined to buy this "happiness" if everything that Dmitry said was true. Along the way, both he and our colleague were asked to buy them, too.

    I bought it. :)

    And now the review itself.

    The box looks extremely decent, it is well written in Russian, there is only one absurdity in the text: About the contents. You know, the fact that there are attached BATTERIES (!!!) it speaks of something in itself! In a set of wires: HDMI, microUSB-USB, microusb-RCA (special wire), a driver disk, a user manual in Russian and English, a handbag and a loop for carrying: Appearance from the back: Appearance from the front:




    Now a little more detail. Firstly, the camera gives honest 720p in the H.264 codec, and gives it so "powerfully" that this file hardly goes to the MSI Wind U100, but it can be played comfortably on a normal desktop computer and on a hardware video = TViX M-5100SH player . By the way, the camera itself plays its video just fine, even on a large HD TV everything looks great.

    Here is an example video: trak.spb.ru/jpigs/MPEG0001.MP4 (49M)

    I didn’t intentionally cut it off so that I could see the “native” resolution.

    From the batteries the camera takes 2 hours. 50 minutes of video takes 4GB on the map.
    Supported card - maximum SDHC class6 8Gb.

    And so, the pros:
    1. Price 1985 rubles
    2. Resolution 720p
    3. A bunch of cables
    4. Small size
    5. Bright LED flashlight

    1. There is no optical zoom
    2. It doesn’t shoot

    well in the counter-light Well, that’s all. If anyone has questions, I will be glad to answer.

    UPD: It is also web-cam and card-reader (although the manual says that it reads PUNCH CARD !!!) :)
    UPD2: It is also a 5Mpix camera. But I do not consider this, because I use the Canon 400D to photograph
    UPD3: There is a tripod socket!
    UPD4: People, if you minus the topic, please write for what. To know for the future.
    UPD5: Exposure is adjustable, plus or minus 2 in increments of 0.3

    FINAL UPDATE: I drove into the store this morning, and the cameras and the action too ended. That is, now if they appear, then at a price of 4000 rubles. I apologize.

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