Google puts on HTML 5

    Speaking at the Google I / O conference, Google Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra admitted that his company made a mistake several years ago when it assumed that web applications would not be able to overtake desktop programs. They looked at Keyhole geosoft and admitted that they could never do this on the web. A little later, they bought this company and soon released satellite maps for Google Maps with similar functionality.

    This is a good example of the underestimation of the web. Now we see that the Internet still won. And Google no longer wants to repeat its mistakes, which is why they are now actively investing resources in HTML 5. This standard will almost completely duplicate the functionality of desktop applications on the web.

    According to Gundotra, over the past year, the evolution of browsers has accelerated by an order of magnitude.

    And although the full set of web applications for HTML 5 will appear on the Internet only after a few years, individual functional elements have already been implemented in modern browsers. Even Microsoft has announced support for HTML 5 in IE, which everyone is looking forward to.

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