Rate the usefulness of the idea: online FB2Reader


    An idea appeared in the brain to organize a book reading service in fb2 format online.
    The service will be the reader itself, the ability to download and store your books on the server. (version 1)
    When reading, it will be possible to use bookmarks and other functions of all iron and software readers.
    In version 2, it is possible to search for books from other users, to rate books and other goodies.

    How fb3 will exit the beta stage - I will add the ability to read this format.

    I would like to hear from you the degree of usefulness of such a service (to include arguments). Will it be in demand?

    The service will be free, perhaps in the distant future an advertisement or a donate button will appear.

    PS: It is planned to support PDAs 320x240 and higher ad infinitum.

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