The perfect company

    I once thought about why I always worked in freelance and what I didn’t like in the office and as a result formed a vision of how I would build my company, perhaps something like this: The

    principles of company management that are true in my opinion are based largely on psychology a person’s personality, on his basic needs, and most importantly, this is the desire for reliability (security), self-expression and respect (significance).

    I treat people as equal workmates to me and in every possible way strengthen friendships in the team, help both in work and in personal matters, so that people know that they are behind a wall like a company - this gives a feeling of reliability - the first important factor.

    I try to replace the usual work with a creative one, in particular, instead of all sorts of routines, people just come up with how to automate this routine and do it on their own based on their needs (the results turn out to be much better if the “specialists” are involved in the project). In this technological way, we achieve the second important factor - creative self-expression.

    The company should not have a hierarchy in the usual sense of the word, everyone is on the same level and everyone just does his job. It is important that each employee understands what others are doing, so that he knows what they are doing together. Knowledge, understanding, equal level with others, increased salary (payment by the amount of work is usually 1.5-2 times higher than the average one is obtained) and the special attitude that is maintained in the team gives a third important factor - a sense of self-worth and respect.

    Due to this, the self-esteem of a person increases, his involvement in the life of the company, in its success increases, because the success of the company turns out to be inextricably linked with his personal success. By the way, it’s worth mentioning that all employees also receive certain dividends from the company's income (either in the form of interest on projects, or in the form of bonuses calculated as a percentage of income, or for some shares, there are many options, but the essence is one), well and besides, the company should always be ready to provide credit to its employees on preferential terms, let’s say so, and so much more. Nafig cleaners, let the people clean the office themselves - it rallies the team and teaches them to take care of the office and keep it clean :) It is very useful to organize various events together, trips out of town, etc.

    So here he is such a simple, albeit good company, a path built on human relationships and kindness to each other. And this is applicable for any company, any size. Because it can be organized in any smallest cell, which, when united, will become a single cohesive force.

    But you need to start the process from the top, first the owner must convey this to the top management, and those in turn to his subordinates, etc., the process is gradual, but useful.

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