IT-radio PROMRAZRABOTKA: record of air No. 1

    Record of the first broadcast, which took place on May 20, 2009.

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    What they said:
    - Where and how do people come to IT?
    - What problems are associated with newcomers?
    - What are the problems for those who have been inside for a couple of years?
    - What are the reasons people leave IT?
    “Why didn’t we give birth to our Silicon Valley?”
    - What happened three months ago?
    - What is happening now?
    - Forecast for the coming year.

    And a bunch of topics around a little around, including answers to questions from our listeners.

    The next issue will be on May 27, Wednesday, at 20-00 Moscow time.
    Sasha Orlov will be in Kiev, we will discuss the issues of training specialists, what and how adults learn and how training and development affects career and salary.

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