Sony Ericsson laid eyes on Android 2.0

    Just a month ago, Sony Ericsson Hideki Komiyama announced that the company was in no hurry with the release of smartphones running the Android platform, explaining this decision by the need for lengthy testing of the OS from Google. It seems that one of the leading manufacturers of phones will really miss the existing version of the platform. The fact is that today Peter Ang, vice president of marketing for the Asia-Pacific region at Sony Ericsson, announced that the company plans to launch production of communicators based on the Google Android 2.0 software platform. And this is despite the fact that Android 2.0, codenamed Donut, is currently under development, and the timing of its release by Google does not specify. So wait for "google phones" from Sony Ericsson will have a long time to come.

    Most likely, Sony Ericsson simply does not want to get involved in the market struggle and use the existing version of the platform, but it is logical to enter the market with devices running on the updated and, theoretically, much more advanced and functional Android 2.0, which, as you know, will get advanced multimedia features.

    In addition to statements about the Android 2.0 account, Peter Ang also drew attention to the fact that Sony Ericsson is not going to stop producing smartphones on Symbian and Windows Mobile.

    via digitimes

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