Superstition quote "Black Cat"

    Hello colleagues!

    Please love and favor - Quote from the superstition "Black Cat".


    The base of superstitions, beliefs, folk signs and other things already includes several thousand quotes, articles and stories.

    The main idea: to collect all the superstitions of the planet in one big reference book and allow the user to add their quotes and stories, as well as comment on existing ones.

    Benefits in finding the right quote: detailed tagging of quotes.

    The project is developing, interesting ideas and solutions come. If you have any suggestions - please write a comment, any criticism is accepted (within the bounds of decency, of course).

    Well, welcome to the site! Use for health!

    Separate explanation for believers and clergy:

    Please do not consider the publication of such a resource as an insult. We do not popularize superstition, do not tell their importance, but only collect them and give every user the opportunity to speak regardless of religion.


    UPD: I will be glad to hear comments on layout, design, usability ...

    UPD2: I removed the word startup, got excited :)

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