The union of programmers. Reality?

    Perhaps this topic has already been raised. But nonetheless.

    At Habré, the problem of transparency and the legality of holding state tenders for certain developments has been discussed more than once. And basically, opinions about state participation in the IT sphere boil down to the following: “if only it would not hurt”.


    I believe that the state, being a structure funded by our taxes, should also help . And the greatest efforts should be directed to those areas where there is potential for development. And this, regrettably, is not lacalaline. This is information technology, in particular programming. As evidenced by success at international competitions.

    So, one of the mechanisms for expressing a single position and defending their goals is the trade union.

    Here is a list of some of the tasks that such an organization can set itself:
    1. Promotion of draft laws on the protection of the work of programmers. (All day peering into squiggles on the screen is not so harmless)
    2. Promotion of bills on the protection of intellectual property.
    3. Regulation of software monopolies
    4. Protection of freedom of speech on the Internet

    It seems to me that the existence of Habr proves that the Russian IT community is ready to move to a higher level.
    I would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on the topic. Perhaps this post will prompt someone to real action :)

    PS: If you put a minus, at least explain why.

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