Mini review of music software for nix systems

    I have repeatedly noticed that hub users are interested in music software for nix-systems. Since they are usually interested in commenting on topics, they get answers there too. Later, finding some information in the comments is not easy, so it was decided to describe the best, in my opinion, programs in a separate article.


    1. Audacity is a sound editor.
    2. Ardor - DAW.
    3. LMMS - DAW.
    4. MIXXX - DJ.


    Audacity is a free, easy-to-use sound editor for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU / Linux and other operating systems. Audacity can be used to:

    * record sound;
    * digitization of analog records (cassettes, phonograph records);
    * editing files in Ogg Vorbis, MP3 and WAV;
    * physical editing of several files (cutting, gluing, mixing);
    * changes in the speed and pitch of the recording;
    * much more! Check out the full list of features.

    This quote is from the official site, the link to which is in the content.

    Audacity is a pretty good sound editing program, distributed under the GPL license - that is, for free :)
    At first glance, it may seem that Audacity is a stupid thing, but it is far from it. Of course, she is far from paid professional miracle editors, but for beginners it is the most. If you need to “trim” or “glue” several audio files, digitize a tape or record something live, Audacity is ideal for this.

    Currently stable version 1.2.6, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You can download it here .
    Also on site be extensive wiki-library, though in English.


    Ardor is a digital audio multi-track audio recording, editing and mixing workstation designed to meet the needs of professional users. Multichannel recording, the ability to endlessly cancel actions, full automation support, a powerful mixer, an infinite number of tracks, buses and effects, asynchronous export, the ability to bind audio areas to bars / beats / ticks, a hotkey editor, a set of powerful and convenient functions for working with audio - chunks, functions of stretching in time, changing the tone and dividing tracks into areas (recognition of beats).

    Ardor uses a Jack sound server, LADSPA plugins, if desired, you can build Ardor with support for VST and LV2 plugins.

    Unfortunately (and maybe fortunately) Ardor does not have built-in plugins, but it leaves the opportunity to build your own set of plug-ins such as: caps cmt fil-plugins mcp-plugins swh-plugins tap-plugins vcf-plugins (they are included in most distributions , their latest versions are easily found on the Internet).

    You can download Ardor for OS X Intel (MacBook, Mini, iMac), OS X PPC (PowerMac, PowerBook, G4 / G5) and Linux on the official website .


    I will not describe LMMS, there is already a good article on Habré about him - We write music in Linux: LMMS .
    Download LMMS here .


    And now a surprise - DJ software for Linux! I myself, unfortunately, do not do DJing, but according to reviews, the program is very good. You can take MIXXX for Mac, Windows and Linux on the official website .

    Below is the full feature list:
    • Parallel waveform displays
    • Waveform summaries
    • MP3, OGG, WAVE, and FLAC playback
    • Pitch-independent time stretch (key lock)
    • Vinyl emulation
    • Wave recording
    • Free, open source software
    • BPM detection and estimation
    • Supported MIDI controllers:
      • Hercules DJ Console MK2
      • Hercules DJ MP3 Control
      • Hercules DJ Console RMX
      • Hercules DJ Console Mac Edition
      • Mixman DM2
      • Tascam US-428
      • M-Audio X-Session Pro
      • M-Audio Xponent
      • Evolution X-Session
      • Ecler NUO4
      • FaderFox DJ2
      • Vestax VCI-100
      • Numark total control
      • ... and more - See our Hardware Compatibility page.

    • Multichannel soundcard support (playback and capture)
    • Multiple soundcard support
    • Cross-platform (Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X, Linux)
    • Adjustable EQ shelves
    • Crossfader curve control
    • Skinnable interface with extra skins bundled
    • Adjustable pitch range
    • Multi-core CPU support
    • 24-bit / 96000 Hz playback and capture
    • Crystal clear audio
    • Hardware video acceleration
    • Vinyl control support for:
      • Serato CV02 vinyl
      • Traktor scratch vinyl
      • FinalScratch Standard vinyl
      • FinalScratch Scratch vinyl
      • Serato cd
      • Read more ...

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