Flash based FLV-player and MDM Zinc

    Greetings, habralyudi.

    My last topic was also devoted to the interaction of Flash and MDM Zinc. Today we will talk about creating FLV-Player'a on the same basis. Since I had accumulated a large number of * .flv files received in different ways on the HDD, it was decided to make a simple FLV-Player with a few more functions than the same simple counterparts.

    What I lacked in the already familiar FLV-players with my modest needs:
    1) View * .flv files, knowing the address not directly on the site, but on my computer.
    2) View the entire folder containing many FLV files.

    In addition to this, it was decided to save and load the playlist, according to the files added from the folder.

    For the time being, I decided not to get involved in design, in view of the existing flaws. But, people say that the eye does not hurt.

    From the available features:
    1) Search and add files from any folder on the disk containing flv files;
    2) Play a single file;
    3) Play the video directly by URL;
    4) Saving and loading the playlist.

    Among the shortcomings:
    1) So far, he can’t save the playlist with the right name. It is planned.
    2) The addresses in the playlist so far with a bunch of slashes (also fixable). Here, the view is rather spoiling.
    3) Cannot save video from URL. I really want to introduce this function.
    4) There are no controls for fullscreen and video increases.
    5) URL so far only with .flv

    I have not yet found any obvious critical errors, but I will be glad if someone points out.

    It all looks like this:

    Since MDM Zinc is a pretty smart environment and it is possible to create applications for Linux and MacOS directly from Windows, it is possible in the future to port for them.

    So far, this mini-softinka can be downloaded at this link .

    I hope someone comes in handy.

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