Service for creating forums without ads

    Recently, users of my project literally bombarded me with letters asking them to organize a forum on the site. In view of my love for delegating various resource services and the desire to spend a minimum of time organizing the forum directly, I began to look for various "outsourcing" solutions.

    What I found, to put it mildly, did not please me. I was amazed at the dislike you can treat your users, bombarding their forums with huge popunder or endless blocks of contextual and banner advertising.

    phpbbThere was a desire to create a service with a focus on people. For a while. And here he is in front of you - The most popular phpbb3 today was chosen as the main engine. The forum can easily be placed both in one of our 5 subdomains and in your own name, localize it in one of 33 languages ​​and try on 170 design templates. And complete protection against spam and absolutely no ads !

    I really hope that it turned out successfully;)
    I will be extremely glad to hear the reviews and wishes of the Habrahabr audience.

    An example of a forum located on the service is .

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