DataArt and Glück Games have developed a unique game.

    The Lotto Machine , created by DataArt and a leading manufacturer of games from Germany, combines lotto elements and classic slot machines.

    For the first time, Glück Games presented a lotto machine at the ICE VOX conference in London, the largest iGaming industry. There she was recognized as the best in the “Game to Watch” nomination, where the most innovative games are traditionally celebrated. Game mechanics The Lotto Machine has no analogues: a quick result, familiar to gaming machines, with the amount of potential gain, reaching 1.5 million pounds, - typical rather for the lottery.

    Igor Kozhurenko, leader of iGaming DataArt practices: “We started creating games ourselves two years ago and quickly developed our own approach to developing them. The fact that The Lotto Machine has brought success to our partners from Glück Games proves: we have a wide range of expertise and truly represent value for our customers. Together with Glück Games, our team not only solved the UX task and developed a new user interface, but also presented an innovative concept of the game itself. The mechanics, developed specifically for The Lotto Machine , are based on a combination of lotto and slot machines, completely new to the industry as a whole. "

    Robert Lenzhofer, CEO, Glück Games: “Our task was to mix the lotto and the slot machine, creating a game for fans of instant lotteries. Together with DataArt, which took over the entire front-end development, we created a new kind of gambling. There was nothing like this on the market before. The game looks like a lotto with a free choice of numbers for a bet, but there are many more ways to win. It is complemented by bonus games, including an instant lottery and 50/50, and the gain of some randomly selected players can be increased several times. "

    The Lotto Machine will be distributed in Europe through its own project Glück Games RGCS (Remote Gaming & Commerce Server).

    Fundamentally new games in iGaming appear rarely, since the industry exists in a strict legal framework and is under constant control. The creators of the product, the mechanics of which is different from the usual, must prove to the regulator the transparency of the algorithm of the work of their game. DataArt and Glück Games succeeded.

    About Gluck Games:
    Glück Games creates gambling games that are available to a wide range of users. The company has a high level of design and engineering solutions taken in the development of original games and backend products for casinos and lotteries.

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