AMD share rose to 21%

    In the falling CPU market, the sharp increase in the share of AMD processors looks rather unexpected, although, of course, it could be assumed that in times of crisis people would buy cheaper processors. A couple of years ago, AMD's market share reached its bottom at the level of 8-9%, in December last year it grew to 17%, and already in the first quarter. 2009 jumped to 20.9%, according to preliminary statistics from Mercury Research .

    Moreover, insiders from the motherboard market provide information that in the coming months AMD's share may grow up to 30%, and even up to 40%! This is based on what the three largest motherboard manufacturers in the world are doing now.

    Such a leap in the I quarter. In 2009, analysts associated with the release of a successful line of Phenom II processors made using the 45-nm process technology. Even without taking into account their overclocking potential, they currently have the best price / performance ratio on the market.

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