Microsoft Tag Development

    You may have heard about Microsoft Tag , an image built in a special way to encode a small amount of data. On Habré also wrote about him . This barcode format was developed specifically for receiving information through digital cameras, which are now built into almost all cell phones.

    The technology does not stand still and recently there is a description of Custom Tags - a mechanism that allows you to radically transform your tags.

    All of these tags are working and are recognized by all old software. Under the cutter are small details and more examples of using Custom Tags.

    In this animated picture showing the process of creating such a tag:

    Another beautiful example of custom tags:

    In addition, earlier claims were made to the technology that the images are color and it is unclear how all this will work when printed on a black and white printer. Now the problem is solved, MS Tag can very well be used in newspapers and other b / w materials.

    You can read about how to build your Custom Tag here in the detailed description .

    Progg it

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