April update of Windows Live!

    Literally 3 days ago, the Windows Live Home page received some improvements . However, pleasant surprises for users did not end there! Today, very useful and popular features have been added to Windows Live services .

    • Web Actions!
      Do you like to chat with friends on Facebook , write a blog on LiveJournal , upload photos on Flickr , listen to music on LastFM ? Do you want your friends to see that you added something new on other networks, what kind of music you listened to, what interesting things did you want to share? Add Web Actions to Your Profile!

    • Add friends from Facebook, MySpace, Hi5 and Linkedin!
      Use cool Windows Live services , but your friends from various social networks, not yet? Then invite them! The easiest way to do this is to invite them from http://profile.live.com/connect !

    • We show ourselves to people!
      There is nothing easier than to show photos of bright life moments with your participation! To do this, just upload photos to the Windows Live Photos service and mark yourself on them. Now anyone can go to your profile, click on the “User Photos” link and see all the photos you are in!

    I like the new features of Windows Live services . And you? :)

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