Django Dash 2009 Competition

    django dashDjango Dash is a competition for developers on the Djang. You only have 48 hours to develop a web application! A great reason to try yourself in high-speed development.


    • Procurement prohibited
    • 48 hours
    • Maximum 3 people per team
    • You can use someone else's code (no more than 50% of the total)
    • The version control system (Subversion) is hosted by the organizers


    Registration StartMay 2
    Registration endMay, 23rd
    Start of competitionMay 30
    Competition EndMay 31
    RefereeingMay 31
    RefereeingJune 13th
    Winners AnnouncementJune 13th

    Winners 2008

    1st place - Aardvarkia

    • Benjamin pollack
    • Tyler hicks-wright

    Software text analysis tool integrated with Mercurial.

    2nd place - Team Awesome

    • Eric Florenzano
    • Tony hauber

    RSS aggregator with ratings.

    3rd place - Django Locales

    • Justin lilly
    • Jannis leidel

    A site uniting developers and translators, with the ability to evaluate translations and join in groups.

    All details at


    • Books from Apress
    • Footboots and BACON by Bac'n
    • Large, Pro, Amateur from BitBucket for 1 year
    • $ 25 ThinkGeek Certificate from Clusterify
    • 50 $ and 100 $ certificates from Holden Web
    • Accelerator from Joyent for 1 year
    • 2 tickets for DjangoCon09 to Portland from Siu Design
    • $ 100 loan from Slicehost
    • 3 hosting plan from WebFaction for 1 year

    IMHO, not bad.

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