Anti-crisis measures. Sales increase

    Many owners of online stores now do not sleep and are tormented with thoughts on how to increase sales during the crisis.

    1. The most effective and important is customer feedback. Those who have already managed to build up a customer base have huge potential at hand.

    The main problem is saving customers. Naturally, if you didn’t take customers at a low price, then a tangible part of customers now roams in search of lower prices. There is a good chance to keep them.

    What need to do?

    Offer these customers a new, higher discount from your discount system. Firstly, your customers, customers who liked your company, they liked to work with you. Searching for a new store is like searching for new products in a store when your loved ones are missing somewhere: it’s scary that it’s of poor quality, you get lost among the choices. In this case, psychology is on your side. Secondly, a higher discount is a lower price, now, even if a client finds a lower price, the difference may not be significant and it will not replay your client’s location to you.

    How to find such clients among the base?

    It is likely that you will offer an increase in discounts to customers who do not have financial difficulties. Nothing wrong. But there are two ways to identify customers who are financially unstable now.

    First: find among the database those who made the last order a long time ago. Even if the customer had only one order, he will. “A very long time” is measured by the period of product renewability, and by your personal experience.

    Second: find customers who placed orders in the low and mid-low price segment. Most likely, the crisis affected them very much. Among such buyers may be your good customers, so an additional discount may be more useful than ever.

    Of course, this method requires a well-organized customer base. Most cannot brag about it. Try the pens.

    2. Stocks. Do not forget that now there are many new customers on the market: those who, for the sake of economy, have switched from offline to online, those who have left their homes in order to find low prices.

    Stocks are a good way to attract the former, and to make them regular customers, and to attract the latter, to make at least a one-time purchase and earn, if not a lot, but still earn.

    Often there is a problem, why bind the action.

    * Summer is suitable. A good reason for perfume stores, comets, clothing and accessories and other seasonal products to make a discount.

    * Finally, a simple warming is also an occasion to make a discount. “Price thaw on refrigerators.” In Russia, I know it was recently cold, now it is very warm.

    * Maybe some brand DR soon or was recently. An occasion to lower prices for its goods.

    * For youth products, you can think of any comic reason you like: “Elephants ran past the office and trampled our prices” (stupid words), but the point is, the funnier the reason you come up with, the more fun and interesting it is.

    Enough of the reasons.

    3. Expansion of the range

    A very effective and timely step. No costs will be required. But expanding the range always means new orders. Therefore, if you were once too lazy to expand the range, then now is the time. You work with any product, each product has its own buyer. Moreover, now some suppliers have also begun to expand the range.

    4. Again customer feedback. I would just like to say about this type of sales promotion, and not just for offering discounts.

    What to send to clients? I already wrote 3 points above, which you need to notify your customers. In addition to them, there are many other reasons to remind customers about themselves. Just do not do this too often - once a month is enough.

    5. Shops are partners.Start cooperating with other online stores, I offer my customers advantageous offers in a partner store. The easiest solution is to print both coupons and give them to customers.

    Do you know what the biggest problem is? The requirement to work and work a lot! To do everything that I wrote - you need to work hard. Most do not know how to do this.

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