Photoshop - learning from the mistakes of others

    Below are the most ridiculous and terrible mistakes of Photoshop in recent years. Happy viewing. :)

    Watch carefully, the error is somewhere nearby. The Cereal That Slowly Turns You White!

    Lexar 4gb 8gb messup
    Photoshop Disasters - Where is Her Thigh
    Too many legs
    Hand on shoulder
    Wierd hands
    Where is This Guy's Head
    wierd tummy
    Nintendo DS iStockPhoto Watermark
    Magazine double
    Ann coulter hand
    Cereal makes you white

    Where did her arm go
    Leg Missing?
    Extra foot
    Creepy hand
    Huge hand
    Where is that leg coming from
    Extra hand
    Extra Hand on Miley
    Duplicates in crowd
    Extra hands

    From the well-forgotten old

    And finally, not quite Photoshop, but it's worth it. I present to you the logo of the 1973 issue for the Diocesan Youth Commission of the Catholic Church: Source: Piggynap , All Graphic Design

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