Mark Shuttleworth. Canonical founder and space tourist from South Africa

    I’ll continue the list of articles about people whose IT merit is hard to overestimate.


    Mark Richard Shuttleworth was born in South Africa in 1973. He graduated from the Diocesan School and the University of Cape Town as a bachelor of economics in finance and information systems.

    In the 90s, he took an active part in the development of the GNU / Linux Debian distribution. In 95, he founded his company specializing in digital certificates and Internet security, and four years later he sold it for $ 575 million.

    Kevin Carmony (CEO Linspire), Mark Shuttleworth (CEO Canonical / Ubuntu), Jane Silber (COO Canonical), Tom Hoyt (Dir or European Sales Linspire).

    On April 25, 2002, Mark as a space tourist flew to the ISS along with the crew of the Soyuz TM-34 spacecraft. He returned to Earth on May 5, becoming the second space tourist in the world. Mark Shuttleworth paid $ 20 million for his flight.

    Crew “Soyuz TM-34” from left to right: Y. Gidzenko, R. Vittori, M. Shuttleworth

    Shuttleworth is the founder of Canonical, which develops the Linux distribution of Ubuntu, as well as the Shuttleworth Foundation, the Ubuntu Foundation, and HBD Venture Capital.

    Now Mark leads the development of Ubuntu ...

    ... and provides support for the KDE environment.

    Here is what he writes on his website about his interests:
    Likes: spring, cesaria evora, slashdot, chelsea, finally seeing something obvious for the first time, daydreaming, coming home, sinatra, sundowners, durbanville, flirting, string theory, particle physics, linux, python, mp3s, reincarnation, snow, mig -29s, travel, lime marmalade, mozilla, body shots, leopards, the african bush, rajhastan, russian saunas, weightlessness, broadband, iain m banks, alastair reynolds, skinny-dipping, fancy dress, flashes of insight, inexplicable happinesses, post -adrenaline euphoria, convertibles, country roads, clifton, the international space station, artificial intelligence, wikipedia.

    Dislikes: admin, legalese, running, wet gray winters, salary negotiations, public speaking.

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