Copied right

    COPYRIGHT - ... Researchers of the pre-cosmic era of humanity put forward the assumption that there is the so-called “right to copy” in the ancestral home of humanity (in the era of the _do_ universal information space), which implies the author’s monopoly on the distribution of his work, presumably necessary because of the critical imperfection of the means of copying information . Recently, supporters of this assumption have received indirect confirmation of this theory when, on the planetary systems of Sonyaen (see art. Sonyan) and Microsoft (see art. Microsoft), after the fall of the first Empire, degradation reached the loss of planetary information and the establishment of similar “copy rights” . Those who are also interested in this issue should pay attention to the Gogol planetary system (see Art. Gogol),

    Quoted from: Galactic Encyclopedia, Volume Two, Sixty-fifth Edition, Terminus, 917 Foundation Year.

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