RME HDSPe AIO - New Standards in ProAudio

    RME introduces you to the HDSPe AIO, the world's most versatile PC audio interface. This sound card is a universal solution to almost any musical task.


    HDSPe AIO is an advanced interface with the latest analog and digital converters (192 kHz). The signal to noise ratio is more than 112 dB. For the first time, all inputs and outputs can function simultaneously, including SPDIF (phono) and AES / EBU (XLR). With the affordable expansion board, additional high-quality analog inputs and outputs can be added to the HDSPe AIO.
    Of course, the TotalMix multi-purpose mixer and the sensational SteadyClock synchronization technology, known for its remarkable capabilities for maximum noise reduction when working with external signals, remained in the new interface; HDSPe AIO also supports the optional TCO standard for timecode synchronization (LTC / video). As a result, we get a professional sound card unique in its capabilities.

    The enhanced PCI Express core takes full advantage of its new format, resulting in superior multi-channel audio with the lowest latency. Using robust flash technology from RME, upgrades, additions and updates of hardware software can be easily installed at any time.


    Interface Specifications: PCI Express;
    Signal to noise ratio> 112 dB;
    1 x Stereo analog input / output (192 kHz);
    1 x digital input / output ADAT (192 kHz);
    1 x digital SPDIF input / output (192 kHz);
    1 x digital AES / EBU input / output (192 kHz);
    1 x stereo headphone output (Separate DAC);
    1 MIDI input / output with 16 channels of high-speed MIDI;
    TotalMix: 760-channel mixer with an internal resolution of 42 bits. Included


    DIGICheck: Spectrum analyzer, professional level meter, Vector Audio Scope, etc.
    Drivers: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 64, Mac OS X Intel.

    The HDSPe AIO comes standard with RCA / phono analog cables (headphones: TRS jack). That is why all analog inputs / outputs are unbalanced. An XLR analog cable is available as an add-on (headphones: Neutrik TRS jack). With this cable you can achieve a balanced analog signal.

    HDSPe AIO is SteadyClock's unique sync technology, combined with features such as maximum noise reduction or sample rate control.

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