Once again about the YouTube phenomenon (Susan Boyle - over 30 million views)

    A real sensation was a 47-year-old participant in the British project “Britain's Got Talent” (an analogue of “People's Artist”).

    When she appeared in the hall, literally everyone was opposed to Susan Boyle, a rustic, not too beautiful participant from a small village in Scotland. After a short and slightly sarcastic interview, the audience learned that the 47-year-old woman always made it difficult to be a singer, and today is her chance to prove herself. The hall whistled and hooted, and the jury looked at her with some pity and sympathy and waited for the performance to begin.

    be sure to watch the video before reading the rest of it, as words are superfluous ...


    - jury comments:

    “When you stood here and said that you wanted to become a singer, everyone laughed at you. No one else laughs. It was fascinating ... amazing performance. ”- Piers Morgan

    "... there was a whole audience against you, everyone expected you to fail. I honestly think that we were all cynical, but this song became a" bell "in life. I would like to say that it was an honor to listen to you!", - Amanda Holden


    An hour after the program’s broadcast, it was known not only in the United Kingdom. The video with her performance appeared on YouTube. During the first day, 5 million users watched this video. Four days later, the total number of views was over 30 million. And they continue to watch and revise it.

    The army of Suzanne Boyle fans is growing exponentially, like websites on the Internet with her photos, an incredible performance in the program and, most importantly, a biography worthy of adaptation. Birth trauma, due to which Susan studied poorly at school and grew ugly, ridicule of others, death of parents, loneliness, unemployment and at the age of 47 are a triumph in front of a huge audience.

    Domains with the name Susan Boyle appear in different countries, groups are created on social networks, they write to her and bring them up to Olympus in the comments, the latest fashion is T-shirts with her name on her chest. True, Susan Boyle herself did not seem to understand that her dream had come true, she became a famous singer - at least on the Internet.

    P.S. It seems to me that this is a very touching and instructive story in itself, but I don’t know which section is better to place ...

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