How not to lose an order during a crisis?

    I wanted to buy a laptop stand in one store. When I contacted the manager, I didn’t like something right away. He hung up and said to himself: “they will not bring it tomorrow.” Calling it a gift of foresight would be too loud. But they didn’t deliver me ... and the next day, either, they didn’t even call me back. Only the next day near the end of the working day, the manager called me and said that they could deliver this morning. Due to circumstances, I no longer had the money to pick her up, and somehow changed my mind.

    The moral of this fable is this.

    If you want to increase sales in the store, then at least make sure that those orders that have already arrived to you are executed with maximum responsibility. Even a simple call back with a message in advance of the problem increases the chance to save the order by 95%. Do guys so, I would buy from them this "tray".

    I will explain the essence of the problem.

    The fact is that in our turbulent times, salaries are very often delayed, and very often they are small, and the costs are large, and sometimes also with debts. And the problem is not that the competition is high - the client immediately goes to another store. And the fact that a person tries to buy something serious right away with the money received, has not yet been redundantly bablishko. And here already the role is played by a day of delay. But the very next day the goods are not needed. The money allotted to him is gone. And the person will now wait for the next salary, which will not be known when. But the store was left without an order, and God knows what the client thinks about it.

    Call back, warn. This is the minimum that will now have to be fulfilled in order to increase or maintain sales.

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