Working with bookmarks in a new way


    Surely many will say that there are already so many services such as this, why do we need one more? Firstly, the service is not just a bookmarking service, it is a whole community of people who can share their bookmarks on the Internet. Secondly, in addition to bookmarks, it has the function of creating short links of this kind

    But, in addition to the fact that our service can store links to sites, you can also search for the necessary information on it. The search is carried out using the morphology of the Russian language, which allows you to find the information you need without even knowing exactly what you are looking for. When you add a bookmark, a copy of the page is created on our server, which allows you to find the information you need, even if the main site does not work or has changed.

    After adding a bookmark, other users of the service can evaluate and comment on it, and this in turn gives more relevant results for those who are looking for information on our site, because Highly rated bookmarks appear above other bookmarks. If you want to follow the bookmarks of a particular person, then this feed will help you.

    But the main difference between our service and others is that it is created as a service that anyone can modify and improve. This means that we accept all comments and suggestions on the functionality of the service and make the appropriate changes, and you, in turn, get a high-quality and reliable service.

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