Domestic enterprises hamper the development of Runet

    I, as an employee of one of the web development companies, quite often hear from programmers how “sick of it” they are to customize the next layout of the website design according to the curvaturely created long ago Internet Explorer 6th version. In my opinion, with one phrase, everything is quite clear, you can convey the essence of the problem:
    now in my zoo 10 iksplorer!
    2 firefox
    1 safari
    1 opera
    1 chrome

    Let's look at the picture:

    Have you noticed how the share of Internet Explorer browser users falls on weekends? Significantly more than other browsers. And, most importantly, the share of IE6 falls below all others. Now, according to liveinternet, about 19% use it.

    From this we can conclude that office workers use this rare browser, on the working machines of which it is most likely either forbidden to use something else, or they are people who simply do not know anything on this topic who need the least from the network.

    So why is it so difficult for our domestic employers to update the software on the computers of their offices, giving users a more developed tool for work, and for us, web developers, having untied our hands and allowing us to no longer take into account the peculiarities of this rarity? .. The

    question remains open.

    PS For comparison, you can see what’s behind the hill. Statistics from the famous site
    2009 March
    IE7 - 24.9%
    IE6 - 17.0%
    IE8 - 1.4%
    Fx - 46.5%
    and the rest

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