Feature Films on YouTube

    Sony has confirmed earlier rumors about talks with YouTube about the possibility of posting feature films on this video hosting site. If an agreement is reached, then YouTube users will be able to watch movies for free, except perhaps flavored with a certain amount of advertising. However, representatives of both Sony Pictures Television and YouTube, without denying the fact of the negotiations themselves, declined to comment.

    To date, Sony Pictures has already shown about 60 old films and television shows on the Crackle website . Meanwhile on huluowned by NBC Universal and News Corp. (a subsidiary of Fox) also featured feature films with commercials. And everyone benefits from this. Especially if the movie will be shown on YouTube. For example, companies will have the opportunity to provide users with free content that the latter previously or were forced to purchase or download illegally. And at the same time, copyright holders also earn extra money on advertising.

    via electronista

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