Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality technologies can still be damp for “serious” applications, but they are already actively using them for entertainment, educational and advertising purposes. Thanks to what we have, what to do with the rest of the working day on Friday. For example, GE Energy, on its Smart Grid energy-saving site, offers two “toys” using augmented reality. If you have a webcam and printer on hand, you just need to: (1) go to the Plug Into the Smart Grid website (2) print a page with a “digital hologram” (3) open one of two applications: - Wind Turbine - Solar Power

    (4) allow the flash to use the camera and microphone
    (5) show the page to the camera (in the case of a wind turbine, you can still blow it into the microphone)

    Well, if there is no webcam, you can just watch the video:

    Also popular now: