Man will sooner or later become immortal

    To this opinion comes a lot of experts. A huge number of medical specialists, geneticists, biologists, chemists around the world are currently working on the problem of aging, and the first encouraging results have already been obtained. The fruit flies of Drosophila and laboratory mice in a number of experiments lived several times longer than the term assigned to them by mother nature. The next person in line.

    According to experts, people under the age of 40 have every chance of surviving to the time when the duration of a person will be increased several times, or even completely unlimited.

    I have always been interested in questions: For whom are scientists trying? How do they represent the life of immortal mankind? What awaits our biosphere? Will she (the biosphere) withstand the powerful anthropogenic press from the immortal mankind?

    I already wrote that a person will gain immortality rather virtual than physical, and the point is not only that high technology develops much faster.

    Let us imagine a situation that in the future, man nevertheless became physically immortal, what new problems humanity will face.

    Whom to do immortal? All or only outstanding, useful to society people (famous scientists, doctors, etc.). If only the elect are made immortal, then among them, along with really useful people will be the powers that be (politicians and “money bags”), and this can cause social discontent.
    To make all the inhabitants of the Earth immortal, then overpopulation and the final depletion of the planet’s resources can become the main problems (even the development of the resources of other planets will not save). Obviously, in this case, humanity will be forced to abandon biological reproduction. People will have to legally forbid to reproduce (which is unlikely) or even to force to sterilize people when they reach puberty. Initially, the reproductive instinct is tightly sewn into our DNA. I’m not sure that it will be so simple for a person to abandon motherhood and fatherhood. Life for a person can lose all meaning.

    The accidental death of some people as a result of accidents or diseases will continue to take place, which means that certain structures that control the population of the Earth will issue quotas for the birth of new members of humanity (again, a wide field for abuse). You can of course do this randomly. Preliminarily select the sexual products of people and put them in storage, and then randomly select samples of sperm and eggs.

    It is clear that in this case the political structure of the world should be radically changed, there simply should not remain states in it, otherwise it will be simply impossible to control the population. States subject to superpower ambitions will try to increase the size of their population in the event of a potential confrontation with another power (the population for any state is an important resource that determines its economic and political status). The likelihood that humanity will ripen before giving up state division in the next hundreds of years is approaching zero. In other words, humanity will simply not be ready for the appearance of physical immortality.

    One of the most serious barriers to the physical immortality of man is also limited resources. However, this problem is extremely relevant for not immortal mankind.
    Human life, taking into account all its requirements in the physical shell, is extremely resource- and energy-consuming. A person needs tasty food, beautiful and comfortable clothes, fast and reliable transportation, accurate electronics, and so on. The list goes on and on. Moreover, this list of "necessary" things is increasing every year. We need too much. So, the production of one hamburger takes about 2400 liters of water (if we take into account the cost of water at all stages of production, from raising livestock and vegetables to baking the final product), not to mention electricity, and this can be said about literally any subject that surrounds us. We have little thought about this, since there are enough resources on our planet, and what will happen in the future when 20 billion "immortal" people live on Earth? How long will humanity be able to "boom"? Agree

    In addition to physical immortality, some scientists admit the possibility of obtaining "cybernetic immortality." I already made an assumption about how this will possibly happen , so I won’t repeat it.

    Everyone knows that digital devices are much more economical and smaller than analog ones. This also applies to the "virtual life" of a person. The "digital life" of a person with his unlimited demands will cost "cheaper" for our biosphere with its extremely limited resources than the "analog life".

    Man has already embarked on the warpath with his main "ailment" and is unlikely to leave it. When and in what form humanity will acquire the “elixir of immortality”, time will tell. The main thing is that humanity should be ready for dramatic changes.

    A.V. Egoshin


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